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We believe in old school promotion. The public has loved coupons for over 50 years and believes that coupons should be free.
The public also wants to spend their money locally when given the right opportunity to experience your service or product.

What we do for you:

We promote your company on our web site for 30 days.
We promote your company in our daily opt-in newsletter.
We promote your company on Facebook & Twitter.
We promote your company at local Las Vegas Events.
We place a permanent link on our web site to your company web site.
We Like/follow you on Face book & Twitter.

What you do for the Las Vegas Community:

You provide us with a GREAT offer so that the public feels they cannot pass up the opportunity to visit your business.
You redeem all coupons presented to you by customers.
Once your offer has expired, you count all coupons redeemed and send us payment within ten days.
All offers must be valid for 30 days. ***

What does this cost?

If your company offers something for FREE we charge you nothing. Your promotion is FREE! *
If the cash redemption Value is $49 or less you pay us $2.00 per coupon redeemed. **
If the Cash redemption Value is $50+ you pay us $5.00 per coupon redeemed. **

Contact us now so that we can help you promote your company and support the Las Vegas Community.

Lee Yarbrough

We use 50%+ of all gross proceeds to "Pay It Forward" to Local Charities and Organizations.
We are local Las Vegas residents; all money stays local and provides for the Las Vegas community.

* Free is FREE, not buy one get one FREE. (Free room, Free french fry, Free donut, etc.)
** Cash Redemption Value is equal to what the customer is paying your company for the product or service.
*** Exceptions would be limited engagement events, shows, concerts, races, etc.

What do we consider a GREAT OFFER?

Offers as good or better than what is found on the "Daily Deal" web sites.
Since we are not keeping half your money or making you wait 60 days for your money it is easier for your company to offer Your Customers a Great Deal!

We reserve the right to refuse any and all offers.

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