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About us

Vegas Helping Vegas was founded by Laura and Lee Yarbrough of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Laura was born and raised in Las Vegas. Lee has been here most of his adult life.

We have raised our children here and currently have Twelve Grandchildren. (That number subject to change)

Las Vegas has been good to us over the years. We have successfully owned and operated restaurants, a catering company and an Internet company. We sold all of the businesses seven years ago and kind of retired. We wanted to spend our days working with children in need and children's charities. We have now volunteered Thousands of hours working with those less fortunate in the Las Vegas Community.

Three years ago Lee came up with the idea of "Vegas Helping Vegas" but life and community work always seemed to get in the way. In January of 2012 we finally decided that it's time had come. We set a deadline of July 1st to get it up and running.

Vegas Helping Vegas is about "Paying It Forward" to the Las Vegas Community. Charities, Businesses and the people of this valley.

We wanted to do something that worked for everyone. Businesses receive promotions free or at a very low cost. The community receives great discounts so that their money goes further and they may have more enjoyment in life. Charities receive over 50% of the Gross Income from Vegas Helping Vegas so they can continue to help those in need. Everyone benefits!

This company is based on Las Vegas. We own our Internet servers, housed in Las Vegas Co-lo's. Our lead programmer was born and raised in Las Vegas. Our printing, supplies and services all come from Local Las Vegas businesses. We Love and Believe in Las Vegas!

We know we cannot save the world. We have no dreams of going national with this. We just want to do all we can to make our home, Las Vegas, Nevada a better place for all that reside here.

What it's really about is "PAYING IT FORWARD!"

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